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Tulum Travel Guide

TRAVEL 5 years ago
Tulum Travel Guide
Location: Tulum Mexico

When people speak of their dream vacations it is usually to a far away land, somewhere exotic that not many people can get to easily. I want to encourage you to change that way of thinking because travel is not just going to a far away land. Travel is about the experiences you gain from the different cultures you encounter which allows your mind and heart to welcome something new. Whether it is closer to home or miles away, I love taking things off my bucket list of destination one at a time. I want to travel, and see the world every chance I get; this to me is adventure. I am consistently expanding my list of places to travel. I want to see how other cultures express themselves different from what I am accustomed to. To my wonderful audience, there are many reasons why I anticipate you too will love Tulum.


The past few months have been busy, so I decided to take a trip to a place close to home. Somewhere with cultural similarities and enough diversity. It has been a long time dream of mine to travel to all 195 countries in the world and experience what each have to offer. I consider myself a butterfly, someone with an adventurous soul who likes to explore and learn about other cultures. With this in mind, Tulum was my city of interest because of its diverse and rich culture. It is also a place of tranquility and peacefulness, a place where I can decompress and meditate. There were no troubles getting there, thanks to the airlines. I flew nonstop for 3.5 hours from Baltimore International Airport on Southwest Airlines to Cancun Mexico. I hired a private chauffer to drive me to my hotel approximately 1.5 hours away to Tulum.  Getting a transportation form the airport was not difficult, but the only issue was many transportation services would attempt to negotiate a round trip rides for higher price. If one is not aware of this kind of tactics, you will assume that you are getting a bargain price. I recommend making prior arrangement or a one way ride in a private taxi/car. This is a whole lot cheaper traveling this way.

 I was very excited to be there and met as many locals as possible. Have you ever visited a place and felt like you found your tribe? A place that felt so familiar as though you belonged there? Tulum did just that for me. Tulum is located south of Cancun (Mexico) about 1.5 hours along the Yucatan peninsula on the Caribbean coastline. A lot has changed from a relative unkempt mess of jungle to a beautiful hub with incredible white sand beaches, crystal blue ocean, bohemian vibes, jungle concealed restaurants and a free spirited way of life. I am trying to build myself up, conquer all my doubts, fears and truly be the best version of me. I was most drawn to Tulum because of the relaxed atmosphere and great respect for sustainability, which lead me to discover the one an only Azulik Tulum. Most hotels in Tulum are located along a strip known as the hotel zone. This can be either on the beach or the jungle side of the strip.

Set in a tropical jungle, Azulik is a private adults-only, clothing-optional hotel steps from a secluded private beach area for guest to enjoy. This luxurious eco paradise has been on my bucket list for some time now.  I was so excited to be there, but it did not sink in until we got back that Tulum left a lasting impression on me. It was different from other cities I had visited.  It felt balanced. Something about this place allowed my inner butterfly to be set free. I felt an instant connection with the place, the people and a reconnection with myself looking for introspection and the essence of happiness, listening and respecting the natural environment. Imagine a sanctuary protected by pure energies. Imagine your tribe, dancing and playing, looking for spiritual medicine. The one that leaves you focus, conscious and connected. It leads us to find our own answers. Tulum inspired me, made me realize that more than one place can feel like home. Azulik is undoubtedly one of the most euphoric places to be. Its lit by candlelight, creating a natural magical ambiance, perfect for a relaxing retreat or a romantic getaway.

Water is Azulik´s main element. Life has its origins in water, 65% of the human body is made of it and 71% of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, Water is life. As in life itself, water became one of the most important elements in the origins of Azulik, creating and preparing the perfect soil for this eco-paradise to blossom. Not only are you surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the Caribbean Sea, which is natures perfect gift to all man kind, there is also a Cenote and a wetland. The Cenote provides sacred water to all the villas, which is used to take slow and relaxing baths in handcrafted Mayan tubs while you enjoy the breathtaking sunrise and sunset.
Sacred waters surround the property with water paths that wander from the lobby to the spa deck, creating water mirrors and constantly cleansing the ground energy. From the moment you walk into Azulik you will feel the presence of water in each experience, bringing a natural balance between you and nature. Water is believed to initiate reconnection between you, your loved ones, and the environment.

I like to pamper myself, so to truly experience Azulik the way I envisioned was to want the best of the best.  Life does not always happen as planned, as a result whenever I take a vacation; my goal is to always have the best experience get lost in the moment. I forgot to take pictures as well. After my incredible experience of KIN TOH, I went back to my beautiful villa and lounge on a daybed as I watched the sunset over the ocean. What a view to look at, the horizon was a line of nickel silver and the song from the sea waves was just mesmerizing. As I watched the rolling gem -blue sea rock back and forth against the sandy white beach in that very moment I felt the most peace, relaxation and was incredibly thankful to the creator of our Universe for this experience. I booked the private sky villa ocean view. The sea villa is also great but I prefer the sky villa personally because it had the most incredible view in my opinion Located at the gates of the East Gods, the Sky Villa is characterized by its location and ocean front view.
Staying at the Sky Villa is one of those experiences that will remain in your memory for its exceptional view of the jewel-blue ocean. 

Checking into my room was a nice smooth process. The customer service was superb from the moment I stepped on the grounds of the property. I was welcome with kind smiles, cooling towels and wonderful refreshments as my luggage were being taken from the car and carried to my fantasy tree house villa. Shortly afterwards, I walked through the most beautiful, maze of jungle up to my villa. I was engulfed with the beauty of Azulik. The air was pregnant with the smell of the ocean salt. The craftsmanship in the architecture of the property was mind blowing and even more incredible in person. I knew that this little peace of heaven on earth was going to feed my mind, body and soul in a way that I so desperately craved. From the moment I arrived on the property, I knew I was in for a treat, an experience I will never forget.

 For someone who loves architecture, fashion and art, Azulik took my breath away. My villa was mind blowing; the details in the design of the space and furniture were stunning. The view was literally to die for and the oval king size bed scream relaxation. I was in heaven and I didn’t want to wake up. I was too excited to sit still. I walked around the property discovering a crown jewel at every turn.  Everyone I came in contact with was so kind and helpful and not everyone was paid to be this kind. The hospitality was outstanding beyond imagination. After my fun adventures roaming around in this little jungle I decided to go and relax for a while before heading down to KIN TOH Restaurant to celebrate the beginning of my Tulum experience. KIN TOH serves up a Mayan-Mexican avant-garde cuisine that combines methods and local ingredients from the native cuisine with international elements. The restaurant was absolutely beautiful with some of the most amazing seating arrangements I’ve ever seen. Please make sure to checkout my IGTV on instagram to see video clips of the restaurant.

The following day I decided to relax without doing anything on my clothing optional private beach topless and free. I read some good books; ordered great drinks, ate yummy food and enjoyed the majestic deep blue Caribbean Sea view from a distance. I watched the sand sparkles like millions of tiny gorgeous pearls as the sea wave ripple gentle music in my ears while lounging in my day bed.  I love being able to lounge on a day bed by the beach. It’s one of the most satisfying things in the world. There is something about being near water that truly lifts my spirits and gives me an incredible sense of joy. I ate lobsters and sipped on some of the most amazing cocktails and fresh coconuts I’ve ever had. A day of indulging was much needed because the following day was filled with lots of fun adventures.

The next morning started early with yoga, then a mouth watering breakfast in my villa with breathtaking ocean views to start off my day. It was a picture perfect day and I was ready to SERVE darlings. For this trip it was all about flowery Maxi dresses, swimsuits and straw hats. I was going for glamour and comfort. I walked barefooted to most places and wore slippers when I couldn’t. My first stop was Cenote Dos Ojos, which is one of the most extravagant diving sites in the Yucatan peninsula. It is also one of the largest underwater cave systems. The visibility through the water is amazing when snorkeling. You were allowed to practice diving as well. The whole cave system is at approximately 61 km long. The distance from my hotel to Cenote was approximately 15 minutes, it was quite a bumpy ride so be prepared darlings but I promise it is all worth it. I wanted to get there super early when no one was there to capture incredible shots of the cave and swim in the clear waters with no interruptions and my goal was accomplished. I had the cave all to myself for three incredible hours as I explored the caves, play in clay, which is wonderful for the skin. I enjoyed my time at the Cenote. It was such a wonderful experience and to make it even more special, I had this amazing rare gift all to myself. My driver was very patient, as I took shots as planned.

After leaving the caves I went sight seeing with stops at all the main attractions. By the evening, I was exhausted and decided to head back to my jungle paradise for a spa treatment.  My treatment started with a welcome foot cleansing ritual using herbs to prepare me for a deep, and blessed mindset to allow me to channel a reflective experience. The goal was to breathe through my past experiences, free of judgment and a future of acceptance. . The idea is that the tribe will take care of my body and soul, while providing the right mixture made for me by a Mayan apothecary and delivered with ancestral wisdom. Later that day I had a Mayan rebirth ceremony, which included a full body exfoliation, followed by a body wrap with banana leaves and Mayan clay. Afterwards, I was immersed into a revival bath with blend of flowers and plants. To sum it all up was a total body massage, which my body so desperately needed.  This was the most incredible experience Darlings. I left this session feeling rejuvenated, renewed and at ease.

The following day, I wanted a bowl of acai the go to place was the famous RAW LOVE, which is located in a sandy jungle with colorful hammocks.  My attire for the evening was this beautiful maxi floral dress designed by me, paired with a straw hat. I wanted to be fabulous but yet comfortable in my own bohemia vibe and this maxi dress did just that.  This place was like dying and going to vegan food paradise. From a refreshing coconut milk, to the dinner were all made from scratch. My favorite of them all was the berry love and super coco acai topped with varieties of nuts, fruits and coconut flakes. I sat in a beautiful multiple color hammock attached to palm trees. It was the right recipes for a prefect relaxation as I enjoyed my meal. Food certainly tells a great deal about the culture of the people and that is the reason why I always like to try different food when I travel. RAW LOVE was quite an experience; I urge you to visit there when you go to Tulum. If you are a margarita lover, I highly recommend going to Mateos for their strawberry basil margarita. The late night out, will love Gitano a jungle like restaurant and bar with live music and dance floor to show some moves.

So high on life and all its wonderful experiences, I decided to explore more and get lost in all of what Tulum had to offer. I walked along 307 kilometers, found countless boutiques selling Mexican knickknacks, in addition to a few more upscale shops vending everything from dresses to hammocks. Every corner of this little paradise was absolutely beautiful making it the perfect setting for gorgeous pictures and beautiful memories. I stopped at Matcha Mama for pictures and a cold drink as I ventured to some of the very chic hotels like Coco Tulum, Be Tulum and my other favorite apart from Azulik called Nomade Tulum. Nomade Tulum is absolutely beautiful and I loved all that it had to offer. On of the wonderful guest representative loved the dress I was wearing and through conversation offer to buy me a drinks and explore the property. I was so excited as I was curious to see the property. I visited the gratitude tent, which I absolutely loved and appreciated. The Gratitude Tent is a space created with the explicit intent of raising awareness. It encouraged me to make mindful decisions and to appreciate while acknowledging all that I have already been blessed with. I also got an opportunity to be a part of a Cacao Ceremony, at the Nest and after I had some cocktails with my new friend. I made my way out of the property passing by sacred tones as the wind played freely and beautifully with the sounds. From Nomade I took a taxi back to my beloved hotel feeling full on life.


The last three days of the trip I stayed on the grounds of this luxurious hotel villa and enjoyed all the magic it had to offer. Sometimes it was difficult to differentiate if I was dreaming or awake. I always dreamed of sleeping in nature, being surrounded by nature. So to wake up in the jungle and have the luxury of seeing the sunrise and the sunset and realizing that it was not a dream was the best feeling in the world. Darlings Tulum was an incredible experience. I fell so much in love with the place that am already planning my next trip back. The spirit of Tulum and the heavens that is Azulik spoke so loudly to my soul. The people, the food the experience that I gained from this paradise is one that will hold a special place in my heart. I hope then when you visit Tulum it awakens your spirit and revitalize you gloriously as it did for me. Thank you all so very much for your continued support and love. If you are on Instagram please be sure to watch all the videos from Tulum on my IGTV. Just click on the IG icon at the end of this article. Am here to answer any questions you may have so please ask in the comment box below. Until next time my darlings.

I recommend that you exchange your U.S dollars for pesos here in the U.S before your trip. Please keep your USD or EUROS at home. The Mexican Peso is the national currency, although U.S dollars and Euros are still widely accepted in most local businesses in Tulum. Your best bet is to use Pesos instead of other currencies to pay for your shopping, dining out and other purchases as local business exchange rates are usually not good. Alternatively, you can pay with your credit card and be charged your bank’s exchange rate.

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