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The Penthouse
Location: Delaware

Hi darlings what a week this has been. I have been working non stop in preparation for my move from Delaware to the nations capital. With all the traveling I was doing for work while in the middle of renovations in DC, I fell ill last week which forced me to get some much needed rest. My body was overworked and tired but when you have a deadline, things to do, you have no choice but to keep pushing. Luckily for me I made prior arrangement With a moving company to take some of the stress of moving off my shoulders. 

We packed up what we could as far as my shoes and clothes were concerned and left everything else to the movers to take care of. On move day things went really well. This move was so much smoother then When I’d moved to Delaware over a year ago which made me feel that things were happening in its Devine order. 2018 was a tough year for me. I was maintaining three homes and a rental property while going to school. With God’s help and being financially savvy, I was able to maintain and get through it. 

Though 2018 was tough finically I was happy nonetheless to have a home in Delaware that I truly enjoy coming to. My home has always been my safe haven and I always put huge efforts into making it my sanctuary. A place I can shut the world out and breath knowing that no matter what may be happening in my life the energy in my home is always maintained and balanced. 

On this particular day I wanted to make a visual memory of my home in Delaware so for two weeks straight I did all my fashion photography right at home. I wanted to have editorial memories because I enjoyed living in my apt. I loved the views of the water, how incredibly beautiful the sunsets in the evenings. I will never forget the Amazing firework display over the water on July 4th or New Year’s Eve as I watched right from my living room. The free concerts on the water as I grill and sipped a cold drinks. My apt was the best thing happening in Delaware darlings lol and I truly enjoyed it. 

This beautiful long gown was a representation of the pure Joy I experienced at Christina landing. It’s long sleeves and long train represented high rise living and doing it fabulously. I called my place the penthouse because I was so high up I could touch the sky and the cape around the shoulder of my dress represented that. Life was so amazing when I got home, that even though it was a crazy 2018 I got through it and am still standing. 

In life darlings always do your best to look at the brighter side. You will go through tough times in your life. You will face challenges that will make you question your ability but always remember that nothing is impossible. Always hold your head up high, maintain your pride and dignity and learn from every experience. Hope you enjoy the look darlings. Until next time Cheers to new moves and new heights. See you in DC.

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