Spring In Washington DC

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Spring In Washington DC
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Hi Darlings happy Easter to each and everyone of you. It’s been quite awhile since my last blog post but for a good reason. I recently moved back to Washington DC into home ownership which can be quite a task. Am slowly settling in and taking some time to enjoy the cherry blossom that has beautifully landscapes all the city streets in gorgeous pastel colors.

Spring Is Here

As you all may know, I was living in Delaware for the past year enjoying the luxury of no obligation apartment living which allows you to not worry about much else other then paying your rent. When something breaks you call the leasing office. If there’s ever an issue there are people who can help free of charge. Well being a home owner is the complete opposite lol. You are responsible for everything! Am back in my residence in DC and happily getting my place together just how I like it. 

Spring Moods

I’ve done some remodeling and currently in the process of planting fifty tress in my yard to give my home the curb appeal it so deserves. Am so happy to be back in DC. I’ve come to realize it’s where I belong and where I want to be. Am surrounded by so much love here, I have a wonderful group of friends and a strong support system. 

For a long time I fought with the idea of being a city girl but that’s exactly who I am lol. I love DC not only for it’s incredibly mix of people, restaurants, greenery and architecturally exquisite buildings but also for the intellectual stimulation that surrounds me and the hundreds of museums that the city has to offer. I live in the nations capital and I absolutely love it!

Currently DC is blooming, the cherry blossom festivals have soon ended  which was a sight to see by the way and we are in the fullness of spring. The many amazing concerts and festivals that take place in the city center or by the national mall are preparing for fun filled weekends as people gather together and celebrate life and live to their full potential. 

Spring Colors

By the time June approaches, I will soon be taking a stroll at the national Arboretum in a field of azaleas in a park I’ve proclaimed to be my very own second backyard. The national arboretum will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Spring Looks

Am home, in my sanctuary. It’s been an incredible rebirth of life. I feel stronger and more independent in this space. Life is constantly teaching us lessons and my greatest lesson thus far has been to follow my heart and let the universe lead me.  I couldn’t be more happier that it lead me back home. 

Pink Walls

Darlings thank you all so much for always stopping by and visiting with me. Thank you for your constant support. Am so excited to show you all the wonderful things Washington DC has to offer as I settle into my home. Until next time, cheers to being in DC and slaying fiercely in the nations capital.

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