Pretty In Plaid

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Pretty In Plaid
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When autumn arrives, there is one trend in particular that comes back every year along with it.

plaid season

Yes darlings am talking about Plaid! It never actually goes out of style because it’s such a classic print. What’s different about it this season is that it’s being worn in ways that have never been seen before. 

plaid looks

This fall and winter, am going to be serving you plaids in ways you would have never imagined. Am going to take this timeless pattern and add a twist of Coutoure to make you say WOW!

When it comes to styling your plaid ensemble this season, think outside the checkered box. Think big, think glamour, think fierce.

Plaid is daring and bold so why not be bold in your plaid? With this look I wanted you to think outside the box so I custom made and designed this dress just so you can see what plaid is made of.

plaid fashion

Hope you like the look darlings! If you will Iike to order please feel free to email me at [email protected] or find me on Instagram at @shopsarleamah. 

Until next time darlings, cheers to looking pretty in plaid.

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