Pink is Woman

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Pink is Woman
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Happy Wednesday darling! It’s the day after Christmas and what a wonderful day to be alive. So much has happened in 2018 some good, some not so good (lol smh) but all in all am greatful for the experience to grow and learn. I have to be honest in saying that I went through some growing pains this year.  I made a lot of decisions that I viewed as mistakes but have soon come to realize that those mistakes were a blessing in disguise. Those mistakes allowed me to step away from my normal so that I can see things clearly. What a wonderful awakening this has been. 

Pink is Power

I know am a good person and I deserve nothing but the very best that life has to offer. I do my best to live my life in a way that’s aligned with my spiritual being and live with no regrets. Sometimes that means risking it all, throwing all of me into something even if it cost me to make a fool of myself because weather the outcome is good or bad, I know in my heart of hearts that I give it my all. When I invasion what it is to be truly happy I see it in color, filled with endless gratitude and biggest smiling faces. I see it as being vibrant and beautiful while thanking the universe for every moment to be alive. 

Pink is Strong

I have been through tough times darlings and Every single time I have prevailed gloriously. Pink represents something very dear to my heart. It represents femininity and strength in all its glory . I will tackle 2019 knowing that I am where I am today, in this very moment because I am resilient, I am strong and I have taken back my power. No one will ever take that away from me and nothing will stop me from winning. Life is not promised to anyone we must live to our fullest potential. I say this with deep passion because I have witnessed a precious life being cut too short. 

Pink is Bold

Don’t you ever hold back. If you love someone fight for them because that’s what true love is. If there is something you desire go after it because it’s the only way to know what’s ahead. Try to live your life with no regrets and do your very best to learn from the mistakes along the way. Don’t stand in your own way because of your own pride. Don’t let temporary hurt rob you of true happiness. The answer is growth darlings and nothing is more valuable! Let us all stand tall with arms spread wide open as we accept all things good and learn from the bad. That my friends is what this vibrant pink look represents.

Pink is Beautiful

Thank you all for always stopping by and reading my blog. I hope Christmas was a joyous one for all of you. Mine was peaceful, spent with those I love dearly and adore deeply. Am mentally focused on achieving happiness however way it comes even if it’s just through friendships and allowing my pink power to guide me gracefully into the new year and what’s to come. Cheers to expectance, clarity and moving forward in a positive light. Enjoy the rest of your week darlings and let me know your thoughts on this weeks topic. 

Pink is Growth
Pink is Life
Pink is Glorious
Pink is Resilient
Pink is Strength
Pink is Love
Pink is YOU

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