Peach Slay All Day

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Peach Slay All Day
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When you wear peach the expectation is that you slay it. Peach is not just a color anymore, It’s a an attitude. It screams fierceness and elegance. Thanks to Haute Hippie (here), I  SLAYED in peach in my beautiful tuxedo dress.

Peach is a symbol of youth and immortality. The fruit of the peach symbolizes the continuous process of renewal of life, and the peach flower – spring, feminine charm, softness, peace, wedding, and also virginity and purity. Its the perfect color to wear as a wedding guest or wedding party.

For the Chinese, the peach symbolizes longevity. For the Japanese, the peach symbolizes truth.Peach is considered to be ‘the wedding colour’ due to its tenderness and romantic aura.

Peach is very a very gentle colour, it looks really beautiful on women and makes you look youthful. That is why the matching colours must be chosen carefully and thoroughly in order to underline the beauty and uniqueness of every woman or man. For my look I decided to wear it with feminine white and bronze shoes and pair it with a beige color belt.


Peach also matches with cream, ivory, champagne and shrimp. These colours go well together as none of them will be dominant, making them a perfect palette for any event. I wore mine on a romantic dinner date with my lover.

I love feeling sexy, feminine and stylish all at the same time and this look by Haute Hippie (here) did exactly that for me. It was the perfect combination of pretty, strong and powerful.

As a woman we all want to feel beautiful, embrace what makes us women and do it flawlessly. Every woman deserves to have a peach slay moment and this was mine.


Thank you darlings for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the look and hopefully be inspired to create your very own peach slay because you deserve it. I purchased this dress at Nordstrom and it was designed by the amazing Haute Hippie. You can purchase my dress at my Postmark store (here)Please leave a comment, let me know your thoughts on this look. Until next time cheers to being FABULOUS!

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