Old Hollywood Glamour

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Old Hollywood Glamour

Hi darling hope you guys are have a great new week thus far. I cannot believe autumn is almost over and we are entering a new month! Soon it will be Christmas, what an exciting time time of year right?

In light of the holidays I wanted to show you guys an old Hollywood glam look. When I think of all the fancy dinner party’s and outings I typically attend this look is what comes to mind. 

On this particular day I was attending a holiday dinner party which to me was more like a political affair with lots to important dignitaries…. lol

A very good friend of mine who is running for political office asked me to escort him as his date which usually means two things when it comes to my male friends lol….

One being “Sarlea, dress to kill and impress them with your political smarts” which if I may say so myself Am pretty darn good at lol… I went for a very classy, elegant , sophisticated look that was appropriate for the occasion as well as the venue of choice.

My my gown was custom made with luxurious pure black velvet paired with silk gloves and diamond bracelet. The gorgeous ball clutch I wore was embellished with lots of stones and a beautiful black and white hat I made myself.

My attire was the talk of the ball which made my date very pleased. We both made a memorable impression as he wanted. Overall it was a night of pure elegance and most importantly, I had a fabulous time with my pal. 

Thank you darlings for always stopping by. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on this look. If you are interested in having a custom made hat like mine in a color of your choice just send me a email at [email protected] Until next time darlings CHEERS to the holidays.

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