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Hi darlings, happy pride month! I hope your week is going GREAT so far. This week has been super busy for me but still a productive one. For the month of June I decided to work four days a week instead of three days week, let’s hope I don’t regret it (lol).

Sarlea Mah
June Is Pride Month

Am working shorter trips that allows me to sleep in my own bed with more hours then I normally work. Sounds like a winning situation in my book (lol). The good news about all this is that am off every weekend this month which is exciting. I will be working during the week like a normal person (yaaa).

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June Is Pride Month

This month I have a lot of fun things plan for the blog that am super excited about. I have a New York and a Chicago staycation lined up along with lots of fun festivities happening locally in the nations capital. I cannot wait to experience and share it with you all.

June Is Pride Month

I feel colorful and vibrant inside and I hope to stay in my happy mood with no disturbances . I feel like am standing on my own two feet and it feels incredible.  These days I try to only focus on the good and not the bad. Something tells me God has an amazing journey in stored for me. My only job is to prepare myself to receive it.

Cover Girl

Thank you darlings for stopping by and visiting with me. I want to express to you all how grateful I am for all your love and support. Without all of you my dear readers, there is no Thank you for sticking with me for ONE Solid year as of this month. Cheers to continued support  and making it one year strong.

sarlea mah
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