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Happy Valentines Day

Editorial 3 years ago
Happy Valentines Day
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I promised My lover that every year on valentines Day, I would do something special for her and celebrate our love in a way that keeps our souls alive. 

Happy Valentines Day

Am someone who believes in showing the people I love how much I  love them through my actions. It makes me happy to show my love ones how much I loved and appreciate them. 


Love is the soul of the universe and I believe it is truly important to show love, give love and teach love. Its not everyday that one gets to do it in such a elaborate, beautiful way

lesbian couple

This year for Valentine’s Day which happens to be one of my lover’s favorite time of year, She wanted us to play dress up, take pictures, have a romantic candle light dinner at home and I happily obliged (lol). 


I thought it would be and excellent idea to make us beautiful gowns and create a beautiful love story right in the comfort of our home. 


We turned our living room into a studio for the day and together we staged a Valentine’s Day oasis that turned out beautifully. 

sarlea Mah

My dear friend Dineda who happens to be a landscape photographer happily came over and captured us. We hope our pictures fills your hearts with love and put smiles upon your beautiful faces. 

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day my darlings! Hope you are spending it with the one you love. Have a love filled weekend and happily ever afters always. 

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