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Bath County Staycation

STAYCATION 4 years ago
Bath County Staycation

When I think of an ultimate staycation Hot Springs comes to mind with ease. Bath County, or Hot Springs, Virginia is known for it’s mineral waters. The Omni Homestead Resort appealed to me as a place of fun and relaxation. Known of it’s spring waters naturally heated to a soothing 104 degrees Fahrenheit that Native Americans believed had healing powers. These crystal clear waters have drawn visitors across the Allegheny Mountains for centuries. Even Thomas Jefferson spent weeks there enjoying rest and relaxation.

Bath County Welcome sign

Driving into the mountains was breathtaking. The scenic views changed my  mood instantly. I heard of how gorgeous and fairy tale like this part of western Virginia was. The windy country roads and tall mountains provided something beautiful to look at as the trees burst into the most beautiful shades of yellow and Orange around every twist and turn.

Omni Resort Hot Springs Virginia

As we made our way to the main entrance of the Omni Resort it become very apparent to me why over 23 of our US presidents, kings and Queens from around the world came to visit this majestic bath town. The resort is surrounding by the beauty of the mountains. With autumn leaves beautifully making everything around you look like an artistic masterpiece one can easily get lost in. 

The  Side Entrance of the Resort

The grounds of the property was absolutely breathtaking. The serene sounds of the autum breeze and flowing water from the earth connected with my spirit in a way that felt so welcoming. The energy was soft, perfumed with sweet scents reminding me that autumn was in full force. We were met at the regal entrance of the hotel with a kind smile as we pulled up to the valet. Shortly after we met a lovely clerk at the front desk who ‘s excellent service made checking into our suite easy breezy.

Breakfast in our suite

 We loved our suit it was dripping in vintage decor with every selection of furniture and accent wall. What I love most was the view of the endless gulf fields, the gorgeous spa pool that sat to my right surrounded by the most stunning fall foliage that laced the mountain treetops. In that very moment I knew this was going to be the ULTIMATE Staycation. This was going to be a staycation that would leave a lasting impression.

Grounds of the resort

The Resort was huge and fulll of so many things thoughtfully place within the establishment . They had a huge movie theater, an arcade room and several indoor/outdoor pools. A water park equipped with slides and water activities That appealed to families and children. There were indoor shops to buy whatever you wanted, a world spa so beautiful that just looking at it brought you relaxation. A place to enjoy afternoon tea and music. Several restaurants and Bars to enjoy fine or casual dining all located right in this gigantic architecture filled with so much history, Southern charm and bliss. I enjoyed getting lost as I walk throughout the resort finding what seem like treasures at every turn. I felt a childlike excitement as I hopped and skipped all around,  amazed by the beauty that surrounded me. 

Omni Spa Pool

We spent most of our evenings after dinner sitting outside by the fire pit roasting marshmallows and chatting with other guest. During the mornings after a beautiful breakfast we played gulf on a world renown gulf course fully equipped with gulf carts and supplies. After lunch we would hop on a shuttle provided by the resort free of charge to enjoy fun activities such as archery, zip lining through the mountains, horseback riding  or vintage carriage rides just to name a few. I was so impressed with all the activities and things to do that I couldn’t wait to share it with you my dear readers. 

Vintage Carriages to enjoy Scenic Rides

The Omni Resort will make a perfect Staycation for your family, group of friends or just a romantic getaway with your love. I can envision me with my nieces and nephews at the arcade or water park and later a snowball fight, sled rides in snow down the mountains. I can envision a getaway with my girlfriends or sisters as we hike the mountains discovering waterfalls or enjoying a fun day of paintball fights dressd in comaflauge and having the time of our lives. I can envision having tea with my beautiful mother as she enjoy listening to melodies from a local band or soaking in a hotub filled with hot mineral waters to heal her body. I can envision a fancy dinner with my lover as we endulge in fine cuisine and later a visit to the wine tasting room. Can you see it too?

Archery Practice

Thank you darling for stopping by to read my post. You all know how much I love and appreciate your support. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on this Staycation. Do me a HUGE favor and (click here) to watch the video and see Omni Resort through my eyes. Until next time darlings , Cheers to new discoveries in the new year.

Room Service Fierceness
Spa Changing Room
Vintage Bathroom
Vintage attire for Dinner
water Park at the resort
Entrance of the Spa
Door leading to the Spa Pool Bar
Shopping at Omni
Omni Stables
Field of Outdoor Activities at Omni

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