Bali Resort Wear

Editorial 2 years ago
Bali Resort Wear
Location: Bali

Today, whether called resort wear, cruise collection, or holiday collection, the trend refers to the preseason lines of ready-to-wear women’s clothing that major brands have embraced and really perfected. Easy to wear and pack, resort wear, which appears in stores in early November is typically made of lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, and poplin. Its bold, bright patterns are meant to provide a respite from the winter blues. But in our present-day, resort wear is worn all year round and I absolutely love that. Resort wear makes me feel glamorous and beautiful when I travel, and I adore the elegance it adds to my travel wardrobe. The clothing designs span the years from the 1910s to the present.

The rich heritage of resort wear is reflected in the following iconic brands: Lilly Pulitzer, The Lady of the Loud Print; Ralph Lauren, who takes the playing field; and Tommy Bahama are a few designers who have truly elevated resort wear, in my opinion.  It is a dream of mine to one day launch a resort wear line and dress women in beautiful clothes that i would be proud to put my name on while they are vacationing or wearing just to make themselves feel fabulous.  When I vacation I really enjoy making some of my many ideas come to life in the clothes I wear when I travel. I love light fabrics and long maxi dresses because not only is it easy to pack it’s also so fabulous to wear on vacations, while dining out or enjoying beautiful walks on the beach.

On my trip to Bali, I wanted to shoot an editorial for the fashion and art segment of my blog. I made this stunning blue printed dress for my shoot. The dress was designed with beauty and elegance in mind. I knew I would be shooting in my private villa at the luxurious AYANA Resort so it was important to me for the garment to compliment all the beautiful blues and greenery that surrounded our remarkable villa. My dress was simple at the top with a dramatic train in the back so when I ran with the wind my dress flowed beautifully in the breeze.

I hope you guys like the look as much as I did, darlings. When you travel, dare to be different. Wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and fabulous all at the same time. I believe that most individuals travel as a way of celebrating life and creating precious memories along the way, so why not capture them in style, right? Lol. Happy New Week, dear friends, and be sure to enjoy it fabulously.




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