Hi Darlings, my name is Sarlea Mah. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to write a blog and let people into my interesting world. A world full of so much love and laughter. I come from a wonderful family. I have five sister and one brother and they are truly the best thing that’s ever happened to me. My mother is one of my best friends and she loves and accepts me for who I am. Many people don’t have a mother like mine and for that, I am forever grateful. 

Am a person who’s full of life. I believe that life is a gift and should be lived to the fullest. That statement resonated even more with me when I lost my wife to breast cancer. Losing Linda was like losing a part of me.  Our love was incredible, it was beautiful and quite frankly one of the most incredible times of my life. Through all of this I’ve learned that life is indeed very short. Time is not to be wasted and we have to respect the time we have here on Earth and live our best life. 

Fashion, travel and an appreciation for the arts have always been the circle of life for me. I live and breathe it, am artistically inclined and love to create things that are pleasing to the eye. If I was ever asked to describe my style, I would say it’s luxurious and full of pure glamour. When I wear clothes, the goal is to always look like a walking piece of art, and that to me is the essence of style. If you would have me, I want to be that source for you. I want you to travel with me, I want you to experience the world of fashion with me, I want you to explore the magnificent world of arts with me. Let’s feed our minds in a positive light and our souls with what the universe has to offer. Take this journey with me darlings and let’s do it fabulously all around the world. Thank you so much for stopping by. 

A little more personal……

I was born in Liberia a small country in West Africa. I came to the United States with my family over twenty years ago due to a civil war. I am currently going to school to be a commercial pilot and my goal is to work for Southwest Airlines, whom I currently work for as a flight attendant. Three things I will always enjoy: fancy dinners, live theatre productions and picnics in the park. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel , interior design and photography. Most of the pictures you see in this blog, unless otherwise noted, are taken by my beautiful girlfriend Joy as I’ve discovered, has a hidden talent for photography.

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