A Fashion Moment In Philadelphia

Editorial 2 years ago
A Fashion Moment In Philadelphia
Location: Philadelphia

Sundays Are For Loving You. Happy Birthday My Love

I Believe The Universe Wanted Me To See You. I Woke Up In The Morning With A Dream That I Was Starring In Your Eyes And Now Your Smile. Whenever I Glance At The Moon I Believe I Have Fallen In Love. Its Beautiful Seeing You At Sunrise And Daybreak, An Angel Sharing Her Raw And Gorgeous Emotions.

Last Night I Asked The Stars To Bring You Back To Me.

You Were The Epitome Of Class, Elegance And Pure Sophistication. A True Queen Is What You Were.

It Was your Light That Helped Me Find My Way. Thank You For Loving Me My Queen

I’ll Wait For You Among The Stars. Come Find Me When You’re Ready. I’ll Be Waiting My Queen

I Still Look At The Sea And Think Of You Always. It Was Our Last Moment Of Pure Bliss.

Am In Need Of A Little Extra Love Today. It’s Your Birthday After All.


We All Have That One Person We Will Never Recover From. You Were Mine Queen!



Thank You for always stopping by Darlings. This editorial was like a love song from beginning to end. The dress is a representation of love personified. The pictures were captured in the beautiful City of Philadelphia at an area call “Old City”. I was surrounded by so much history and beauty. So inspire by the city of ¬†brotherly love, I’ve decided to feature it in my staycation segment in the near future, stayed tuned! Shooting this fashion editorial was pure bliss and I hope You enjoy ¬†the images as much as I do. Please do me a big favor and comment below. I want to hear from you even if its just to say hello and Introduce yourself. Cheers Darlings and happy new month.

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